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Attractions in Idar-Oberstein

The "Felsenkirche" church (church in the rocks) is one of Idar-Oberstein's most popular tourist attractions. Legend has it that it was penance after the Knight of the Upper Rock had murdered his brother that prompted the construction of the unique Felsenkirche in the period from 1482 to 1484.

Once the precious stones had been mined, they were subjected to traditional processing. In the historical Weiherschleife of 1634, the last waterwheel-driven grinding machine on the Idarbach, the  grinders demonstrate how gemstones were processed in past centuries.

In the Jakob Bengel chain and costume jewellery factory visitors are taken back to the times when the company produced mechanically, from 1870 to 1990. The machines are in operation, reproducing the method of working and the technical procedures.

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Historische Weiherschleife (Foto: Foto Hosser, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Historische Weiherschleife | Idar-Oberstein

The last waterwheel-driven gemstone cutting mill on the Idarbach entertains its visitors with a worthwhile gemstone exhibition, multimedia show...

Aussenansicht (Foto: Wolfgang Kley, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Deutsches Mineralienmuseum | Idar-Oberstein

The German Mineral Museum (Deutsches Mineralienmuseum) enthuses visitors from all over the world, above all with the smallest cameos in the...

DEM (Foto: Deutsche Edelsteinmuseum, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum | Idar-Oberstein

One of a kind worldwide and "a must" for lovers of precious objects: The German Gemstone Museum (Deutsches...

Edelstein (Foto: Timo Volz, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Edelsteinschleifen & die Kunst des Schmiedens | Idar-Oberstein

Gemstone cutting & the art of forging

Design your own special gift! Immerse yourself in the world of the creative minds of...

Mineraliensuche (Foto: phormat/E. Dubois, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Schatzsuche im EdelSteinLand | Idar-Oberstein

For families: Treasure hunt in EdelSteinLand
Embark on your very own gemstone adventure and become a "treasure digger". You can go...

Brunnen (Foto: Edelstein-Erlebniswelt, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Edelstein-Erlebniswelt | Idar-Oberstein

In a Europe-wide unique and imaginatively designed exhibition landscape, precious gemstones and minerals can not only be viewed, but also...

Felsenkirche (Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Felsenkirche | Idar-Oberstein

The famous landmark of the city, the medieval church (built 1482 - 1484), which is visible from afar, towers over Idar-Oberstein in an exposed...

ManufakTour 1 (Foto: TI ESL, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

ManufakTour - das echt edle Urlaubspaket | Idar-Oberstein

We have put together individual ManufakTour packages for you - packed with fine craftsmanship, with real passion, creativity & authenticity....

Gebäude (Foto: Industriedenkmal Jakob Bengel, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Industriedenkmal Jakob Bengel | Idar-Oberstein

Industrial history at your fingertips.
In the unchanged atmosphere of a chain and jewellery factory founded in 1873, you will immerse...

Schloß Oberstein (Foto: Schloss Oberstein, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Schloss Oberstein | Idar-Oberstein

The Lords of Daun-Oberstein Castle is strikingly situated on a rocky spur above the Nahe River. Together with Bosselstein Castle and the...

Edelstein schleifen (Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Kreativseminar "Schmuck gestalten" | Idar-Oberstein

Creative seminar "Designing jewellery":

In 25 lessons a goldsmith will show you how to create a beautiful piece of...

Edelsteinmine (Foto: Foto Hosser, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Edelsteinminen im Steinkaulenberg | Idar-Oberstein

Let yourself be enchanted by the brilliance of the gemstones in Europe's only gemstone mines open to the public, the gemstone mines in the...

Portrait (Foto: Naheland-Touristik, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Daniela Becker Edelsteingravuren | Idar-Oberstein

"The stone as a canvas for a small work of art" best sums up my diverse field of design as a master gemstone engraver. I attach...

Portrait (Foto: Naheland-Touristik, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)

Goldschmiede H. Stein | Idar-Oberstein

Already in the 10th generation, master goldsmith Hagen Stein is active in the goldsmith trade. The fascination for gemstones and the...