Come to EdelSteinLand and join us on a magical journey to find the treasures of the Earth

Agates. Rock crystals. Amethysts. The crystal treasures of the Hunsrück started out in bubbles of molten lava that then cooled down 270 million years ago. They formed the foundation of the gemstone industry around Idar-Oberstein, which is unique anywhere in the world.

“I first earned money when I was a boy. A hill had been dug up to build a road. I found agates by the bucket-load and took them to the polisher,” explains guide Otmar Korb. This is what life is like for the people of EdelSteinLand. Everything has something to do with minerals.

Mining on a grand scale began 500 years ago with the opening of the first polishing works. There were once as many as 56 works along the banks of the Idarbach. Two historic water polishing workshops have been preserved, the Wasserschleiferei Biehl and the Weiherschleife. There is no better way to follow the path of the precious stones than a walk.

Gemstone cutter in the Weiherschleife, Idar-Oberstein

A gemstone cutter demonstrates the hard work in the Weiherschleife, Idar-Oberstein

In the Weiherschleife, Otmar Korb demonstrates how back-breaking the work of refining rough stones once was: “The polishers lay on their stomachs on folding stools in front of the spinning polishing stone. The cold stream water flowed over their hands and they breathed in the polishing dust. Every day. If you try it for even a minute, you will know why most of them were terminally ill by the age of 40.”

But it was not the hardship of the work that drove many from the region to Brazil in the 19th century. Findings had become scarce. But things look a little different in the Gemstone Mines in Steinkaulenberg, where the rocks are studded with sparkling crystals. The emigrants discovered huge agate reserves in the New World. Which was lucky. They sent their findings back home to be processed and the area began to flourish as a centre for jewellers 

More and more polishers, gem cutters and goldsmiths moved in. New techniques were developed, including some for diamond cutting. Beautiful jewellery is still made here today for luxury brands like Tiffany, Cartier and Van Cleef. The real stars of the craft are based here. The museums of EdelSteinLand bear witness to this. There is even a fairy-tale crystal hall to admire.

Die gut erhaltene Werkstatt im Industriedenkmal Jakob Bengel, Idar-Oberstein

Blick in die gut erhaltene Werkstatt im Industriedenkmal Jakob Bengel, Idar-Oberstein

The ManufakTOUR turns the wonderful craft into an adventure-filled holiday. It takes you to the Jakob Bengal Industrial Monument, a historical factory for chains and fashion jewellery, and into the workshops of outstanding jewellery designers. It also showcases delicious regional specialities, which you can also sample when the German Gemstone Polishing and Goldsmith Market transforms Oberstein into a shopping extravaganza. It takes place in early August every year.

There is also the charming Idar Gemstone Market on Schleiferplatz.


Alexander Wiemann, worker in the Jakob Bengel Industrial Monument, Idar-Oberstein

Alexander Wiemann, worker in the Jakob Bengel Industrial Monument, Idar-Oberstein

Jewellery design in Idar-Oberstein, EdelSteinLand

Jewellery design in Idar-Oberstein, EdelSteinLand

Overall, EdelSteinLand is a real treasure trove with all its interesting events. And a unique piece of your own does not have to be a dream. Many of the workshops offer creative courses on polishing and cutting stone, gold and silver.

Guide Otmar Korb is full of interesting jewellery stories. After a successful career in the international jewellery trade, he is now back in the Weiherschleife, the very place he had his first holiday job as a boy. That is what EdelSteinLand is like. The fascination never stops.

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