Koblenz city break

The city on the Rhine and the Moselle

Koblenz, the only city on both the Rhine and the Moselle, has a history that goes back more than 2,000 years. And this is evident in many places in the city. The city is dominated by the Deutsches Eck, where Mother Moselle meets Father Rhine. The monument to Kaiser Wilhelm watches over the Deutsches Eck from a height of 37 metres. Not far away is the base station for the cable car, which takes you on a breath-taking ride above the Rhine valley up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. Once there, not only do you have a wonderful view over Koblenz and the Rhine and Moselle valleys, but you can also explore the varied cultural offerings, including museums and a variety of events.

Taking the cable car to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

Discovering Koblenz with a ‘ring ticket’

The Deutsches Eck is one of the most famous sights in Germany. From there, you can take the cable car up over the Rhine to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. The diagonal lift takes you to the fortress, and once you have had a look around, you can explore Ehrenbreitstein, a part of the city with narrow streets and historic attractions. Take the ‘Schlängel’ ferry along the Rhine back to Koblenz old town. The ring ticket is available from the cable car ticket offices and from Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

View of Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

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Schwarzes Icon, das ein Haus zeigt

Rheinsteig Stage 9: Vallendar - Koblenz-Ehrenstein (North - South)


9,0 km

3:00 h
The fortress is calling!  

Basilica of St. Kastor

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Deutsches Eck with Emperor's Monument

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Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Cultural Centre

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Schängel Fountain

Koblenz The "Schängel" is the symbol and nickname of the Koblenz population.

Stolzenfels Castle

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