Wine city with traditional and new festivals

The location of the wine city of Koblenz between the Middle Rhine Valley and Moselle wine regions has made it virtually predestined for a strong connection with wine over the years. A good dozen winemakers from Koblenz tend the vineyards in the Ehrenbreitstein, Lay, Güls and Moselweiß districts of the city. The white grapes grown here are predominantly Riesling, with some red varieties including Pinot Noir and Dornfelder.

Ehrenbreitsteiner is one of the more exotic grape varieties. The grape is a cross between the Ehrenfelser and Reichensteiner and is grown on a total of 22 acres by just a few winemakers in Germany. The white grapes are similar to Riesling, but have a fruitier aroma and less acidity. The rich, fruity and aromatic wine is named after the Ehrenbreitstein district in Koblenz, where it grows in the vineyards on the Ehrenbreitsteiner Kreuzberg.

Göhlen Estate vineyards with views over Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Romantic Rhine

Göhlen Estate vineyards with views over Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Romantic Rhine

There are many opportunities to get to know the wines of Koblenz. They are served in the pubs and seasonal wine bars and at the Koblenzer Weindorf. The winemakers themselves also offer cellar tours, vineyard walks with the vintners and wine-tastings. Your hosts in Koblenz have put together walkabout wine tastings and various guided tours dedicated to wine. Wherever the vines grow, there is always cause for celebration. Traditionally, the people of Koblenz and their guests meet up at various annual wine festivals, including the Gülser Blütenfest, the Layer Weinfest and the Winninger Weinfest.

Enjoying wine in front of the Kaiser Memorial at the Deutsches Eck, Romantic Rhine

Enjoying wine in front of the Kaiser Memorial at the Deutsches Eck, Romantic Rhine

Wine shops in Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

Excellent selection of wines at the wine shops in Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

Koblenz’s new wine festival lasts from April to June. It is a showcase for the best wines from the Middle Rhine, Mosel and Ahr regions and guest winemakers from the Wachau in Austria. A mobile winery provides an opportunity to taste the wines and get to know the wine-growing regions better. There are also lots of events relating to food and wine, including vintner suppers, beach wine parties and wine walks. The two day ‘Electronic Wine’ festival in the park around the Deutsches Eck primarily attracts young people. There are a number of stages featuring live techno, breakbeat and electro acts to accompany the local food and wine on offer.

Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

View of the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz from the river, Romantic Rhine

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