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Attractions in Mainz

Mainz has so much more to offer than just its delicious wine. Among the oldest cities in Germany, Mainz boasts a vast 1000-year-old cathedral, a perfect backdrop for the sea of lights which illuminate the yearly Christmas market during the Advent season. You won’t be able to overlook Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press; Mainz has dedicated the Gutenberg Museum, the World Museum of Printing and the Johannisfest at the end of June to its most famous son. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the heavenly blue light of St. Stephan’s Church caused by the Chagall Windows, which are unique throughout the world.

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St. Stephen's (Foto: Landeshauptstadt Mainz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

St. Stephan | Mainz

Two hundred thousand visitors per year show clearly that St. Stephen's is well worth a visit! Tourists from all over the world walk up the incline...

Kammerspiele außen (Foto: Kammerspiele Mainz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Mainzer Kammerspiele | Mainz

Mainzer Kammerspiele at Malakoff Passage is a privately owned theatre established by freelance actors in 1986. It specialises in modern...

Sanctuary of Isis & Mater Magna (Foto: (C) Landeshauptstadt Mainz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Isis- und Mater Magna-Heiligtum | Mainz

In 2000, excavations revealed parts of a temple dedicated to the ancient Egyptian goddess of Isis and the oriental deity of Mater Magna. The...

Houses around the Market (Foto: mainzplus CITYMARKETING GmbH, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Markt | Mainz

All year round and three times a week: One of the oldest and probably most beautiful markets in Germany is the Mainz weekly market. In the middle...

Kunsthalle (Foto: DB_VG Bild-Kunst_Bonn 2017_Norbert Miguletz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Kunsthalle Mainz | Mainz

Public guided tours

Public guided tours (in German) take place on Sundays at 3 pm and every first Wednesday of the month at 6...

City Hall (Foto: Sascha Kopp, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

GESCHLOSSEN! Rathaus | Mainz

The town hall of Mainz is a characteristical building with its own form language. It was built in 1970 till 1973 by the Danish architecture firm...

Natural History Museum (Foto: Naturhistorisches Museum Mainz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Natural History Museum | Mainz

The Natural History Museum in Mainz is the largest of its kind in Rhineland-Palatinate. Collections and exhibitions documenting rocks and minerals...

Via Sepulcrum (Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Gräberstraße | Mainz

 If you want to find out how people lived and died during Roman times, studying their graves is a good way to start. Items buried along with...

German Cabaret Archives: interior (Foto: Deutsches Kabarettarchiv, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Deutsches Kabarettarchiv | Mainz

In German, the term "Kabarett" describes a satirical revue, often from a point of view of opposition to mainstream politics and...

Überblicksdarstellung zur Stadtgeschichte (Foto: Stadthistorisches Museum Mainz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Stadthistorisches Museum Mainz | Mainz

Permanent expositions of the Museum give an overview over the Mainz city history, deal with the jewish past of Mainz (Magenza), with the economic...

Gutenbergplatz (Foto: Sascha Kopp, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Gutenbergplatz | Mainz

Gutenbergplatz is named after Johannes Gutenberg, probably the most famous son of Mainz. From a building historic, sociological and city planning...

Museum of Ancient Seafaring (Foto: Landeshauptstadt Mainz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Museum of ancient shipbuilding | Mainz

The remains of five Roman warships from the 4th century, spectacular full-size replicas, fragment from a barge, and a number of ship reliefs and...

Synagogue of Weisenau (Foto: Landeshauptstadt Mainz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

Synagoge Weisenau | Mainz

The synagogue in Mainz-Weisenau was built in 1737/38 and is the only Jewish of house worship in Mainz that survived the time of the Nazi regime...

St. Antony's: vaulted ceiling (Foto: Dr. Luzie Bratner, Mainz, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

St. Antonius, ehem. Armklarenkirche | Mainz

The only part remaining from the original church built in 1330 by the Order of St. Antony is the impressive chancel. Together with the Carmelite...

Electoral Palace (Foto: RGZM_R.Müller, V. Iserhardt, Quelle: Tourist Service Center Mainz)

GESCHLOSSEN! Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum | Mainz

Complete overview of the most important finds and works of art from prehistory and early history in Europe, Roman culture in Germany and the...