Speyer city break

Imperial Cathedral, top-notch museums, moments of yearning

With its trademark Imperial Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Historical Museum of the Palatinate and the Technic Museum, the city of Speyer in the Palatinate is among the top three most likeable cities in Germany. This is evidenced by a survey by one of the leading online hotel reservation portals in early 2015. There must be virtually no other city of this size that has so much to offer people of all ages on a city break. It starts with the picture-postcard setting between the vineyards and the Rhine, continues with one of the demonstrably most attractive town centres in Rhineland‑Palatinate and ends with a wide range of cultural activities.

The majestic cathedral:

The town’s most famous landmark

Speyer and the Salian Imperial Cathedral are inextricably linked. The largest, best preserved and most significant church building from the Romanesque period cuts an impressive figure, even from a distance. As early as 1981, Speyer Cathedral was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the most important piece of Romanesque architecture in Germany. Eight emperors and kings were buried here over a period starting in 1039 and spanning nearly 300 years. Wilhelm Pinder describes this grand building with its perfect harmony and the largest crypt in Germany as “… one of the greatest architectural ideas anyone has ever had!”

Speyer Cathedral at night, Palatinate

The north side of Speyer Cathedral at night, Palatinate

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