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Attractions in Worms

Nowadays, Liebfrauenmilch is usually synonymous with inferior-quality sweet wine. The "famous Lieben Frauen Milch zu Worms" was first mentioned in 1744. It used to only refer to wine from the vineyards of the Church of our Lady Collegiate Church Capuchin Monastery in Worms. Because Liebfrauenmilch was very popular internationally, it was often copied, thus gaining itself a bad reputation as a cheap supermarket wine. However, nowadays, there are once again strict regulations in place about which grape variety may be used to produce the wine. It is now considered to be a premium German wine that can be tried in the former Capuchin Monastery. What else is worth a visit in Worms? Maybe St. Peter's cathedral, Luther or Hagen monument and last but not least the interactive Nibelungen museum located in the historic city wall.

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Lutherdenkmal (Foto: Stadt Worms, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Reformationsdenkmal „Lutherdenkmal“ | Worms

One of the largest Reformation monument complexes in the world was designed by the Dresden artist Ernst Rietschel, executed by his students Adolf...

Nibelungenmuseum außen (Foto: Stefan Blume, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Nibelung Museum | Worms

The multimedia Nibelung Museum is built into the medieval town wall with its battlemented parapet and two towers. Guided tour of the Nibelung saga...

Evangelische Magnuskirche (Foto: Bernward Bertram, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Magnuskirche | Worms

The three-nave church on Weckerlingplatz belonged to the neighbouring Andreasstift (today the municipal museum). It dates back to a Carolingian...

Lutherkirche (Foto: Tourist Information Worms, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Lutherkirche | Worms

The Protestant Luther Church to the west of the city centre was built between 1910 and 1912 according to plans by Prof. Friedrich Pützer. It...

Liebfrauenkirche (Foto: Bernward Bertram, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Katholische Pfarrkirche Liebfrauen | Worms

The medieval Liebfrauenkirche is surrounded by vineyards. It was built in the Gothic style from 1276 and was completed in 1465 according to the...

Heylshofpark mit Blick auf den Dom St. Peter Worms (Foto: Bernward Bertram, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Heylshofpark | Worms

The historic site where Martin Luther was questioned before emperor and empire on 17th and 18th April 1521 is today situated in a romantic...

Heylshof (Foto: R. Uhrig, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Museum Heylshof | Worms

Today the Museum Kunsthaus Heylshof is one of the leading art museums in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Schloss Herrnsheim parkseits (Foto: Bernward Bertram, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Schloss Herrnsheim | Worms

Herrnsheim Castle, which is located in the district of the same name, stands on the remains of a castle built in 1460. A baroque castle was built...

Bildungs- und Erlebnisparcours (Foto: Bernward Bertram, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Bildungs- und Erlebnisparcours im Heylshofpark | Worms

Educational and adventure course from the Heylshofpark via the Dreifaltigkeitskirche to the city library in Haus zur Münze. Two interactive art...

Kirche und Kloster St. Paulaus von außen (Foto: Bernward Bertram, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Kirche St. Paulus. Dominikanerkloster und Heidenturmkirche | Worms

The monastery and convent of St. Paulus, built from 1002 onwards, is located in the centre of Worms and is a place of peace and quiet in this...

Museum Andreasstift Luftaufnahme (Foto: Gerd Vogt, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Museum der Stadt Worms im Andreasstift | Worms

One of the most beautiful buildings in Worms, in the former St. Andreasstift, is home to the Museum of the City of Worms. The museum is...

Das Wormser außen (Foto: B.Bertram, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Das Wormser | Worms

In january 2011 the city Worms celebrated the reopening of its theatre and the reopening of a cultural and conference centre. After years of...

Jüdischer Friedhof "Heiliger Sand" (Foto: Bernward Bertram, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Jüdischer Friedhof "Heiliger Sand" Worms | Worms

Oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe with about 2500 graves. The oldest gravestone dates from 1058/1059 and documents the first great heyday of the...

Gottesdienst in der Dreifaltigkeitskirche (Foto: Tourist Information Worms, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Dreifaltigkeitskirche Worms | Worms

The Trinity Church on Worms' market square is a "Reformation Memorial Church" that recalls the beginnings of the Reformation in Worms....

SchUM Ausstellung Raschi Haus (Foto: TI Worms, Quelle: Tourist Information Worms)

Jüdisches Museum im Raschi-Haus | Worms

Today's "Raschi House" is probably the site of the Jewish teaching house where the eminent Jewish scholar Raschi studied in the period...