Top cultural spots between the Rhine and the Moselle

A trip back in time through history

Rhineland Palatinate has been the setting for many chapters of European history and has many cultural highlights that the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage will be happy to show you! Start your voyage of discovery around the Rhine and Moselle and you will discover monumental Roman buildings, medieval castles, historical palaces, four UNESCO World Heritage Sites and top-notch state museums in Koblenz, Mainz and Trier.

The Romantic Cities in video

Experience special moments

In the Romantic Cities you will experience special moments that will become unforgettable memories. Take a journey through the cities in Rhineland-Palatinate in our video and explore important world heritage sites, let yourself be infected by the locals' joie de vivre and enjoy fantastic wines.

General Directorate for Cultural Heritage Rhineland Palatinate

Cultural monuments redesigned

The role of the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage Rhineland‑Palatinate (GDKE) is to secure and maintain the cultural heritage handed down to the region and preserve it for posterity, while promoting monuments as cultural and tourist attractions. This comprises both state museums and state properties, among which are ancient Roman buildings like the Porta Nigra, the amphitheatre and the Forum Baths in Trier, and castles such as Pfalzgrafenstein and Stolzenfels on the Middle Rhine, and Villa Ludwigshöhe in the Palatinate. Not to be forgotten is the Prussian Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz, one of the largest fortress complexes in Europe! Exciting guided tours, multimedia presentations, interactive options and an extensive programme of events make a visit to these historic sites a real one-off experience.

Bürresheim Castle near St. Johann, Eifel

View of Bürresheim Castle near St. Johann, Eifel

More recommended cultural excursions:

MAQNIFY Experience Guide for Rhineland-Palatinate

112 new audio clips in the MAQNIFY Experience Guide offer you exciting stories about the highlights in Rhineland-Palatinate!

St. Martin's Cathedral

Mainz The cathedral, founded by Archbishop Willigis in 975, is the oldest monumental vaulted building in Germany after Speyer and before Worms. The west…

Cathedral of St. Peter

Worms The Worms Cathedral is the most significant edifice of Worms Romanesque architecture and closely linked to the name of Bishop Burchard and the …

Speyer Cathedral - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Speyer The cathedral of the diocese of Speyer, a Romanesque basilica founded prior to 1030 by Conrad II and consecrated in 1061 is one of Germany's most…

Historische Weiherschleife

Idar-Oberstein The last waterwheel-driven gemstone cutting mill on the Idarbach entertains its visitors with a worthwhile gemstone exhibition, multimedia show well…

Historical Museum of the Palatinate Speyer

Speyer The Historical Museum of the Palatinate regularly puts on large special exhibitions geared towards people interested in cultural history or families.…

Jüdischer Friedhof "Heiliger Sand" Worms

Worms Oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe with about 2500 graves. The oldest gravestone dates from 1058/1059 and documents the first great heyday of the Jewish…

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Cultural Centre

Koblenz 118 metres above the Rhine, from the fortress you have probably the most fantastic view of Koblenz and the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle.…

Landesmuseum Koblenz

Koblenz The State Museum has permanent collections documenting important aspects of the region’s technological developments as well as its economic and social…

Mainz State Museum

Mainz 200,000 YEARS OF CULTURAL HISTORY The Landesmuseum's art and cultural history collection extends from the Stone Age to the present day. Among them are…

Porta Nigra (UNESCO World Heritage)

Trier, Stadt Trier This is the best-preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A truly impressive structure!

Rhineland Federalstate museum

Trier, Stadt Trier This is one of the most important archaeological museums in Germany and one of the most important Roman ones in Europe. A "must" for Roman fans.