Festivals and traditions in the Romantic Cities

A zest for life that is infectious

Enjoy the zest for life and hospitality of the people of Rhineland Palatinate at any number of events in the Romantic Cities. Our excellent winemakers would be delighted to see you at one of the many varied wine festivals. Try regional specialities, some with a modern twist, at unique foodie events. During the Advent period, there are cosy Christmas markets with glittering lights and a hint of glühwein in the air. There are also unmissable major events such as Rhein in Flammen® in Koblenz and the Nibelung Festival in Worms. Come and meet the cheerful people of Rhineland Palatinate and enjoy a relaxing time with us.

Event highlights in the Romantic Cities

Carnival, fireworks and festivals

There is always something going on in the Romantic Cities! It begins with the ‘fifth season’ in spring. Shrove Tuesday in Mainz is one of the biggest and most traditional events in the Rhenish carnival season. The regional capital is transformed into a happy-go-lucky blend of carnival processions, funny hats, general shenanigans and other goings-on.

There is also a tradition in Worms. Every year, the Nibelung Festival puts on a new production of the historical tale about heroic Siegfried. As well as the excellent sell-out theatre performances, the varied festival programme also includes concerts and recitals.

The late summer event in Koblenz is completely different, but no less impressive. Roman candles light up both riverbanks, the castles and some other places along the river between Spay and Koblenz. A massive convoy of boats moves down the river, accompanied by multiple firework displays. The culmination is a spectacular firework display in Koblenz that lights up Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and the Deutsches Eck.

Festivals are rich in tradition and typical of the zest for life of the people of Rhineland Palatinate! The Brezelfest in Speyer and the Old Town Festival in Trier are among the annual highlights for locals and visitors alike. The Speyer Brezelfest (literally pretzel festival) was held for the first time more than 100 years ago and is now considered the largest festival on the Upper Rhine. The Old Town Festival in Trier features a range of music acts on different stages, a varied selection of food and drinks, and the boundless energy of the locals and visitors in the city centre.

A visit to the annual Spießbratenfest (literally: spit roast festival) in Idar-Oberstein is a must for anyone hoping to try some of the local Rhineland Palatinate specialities. With all sorts of activities for all ages, the Spießbratenfest is a popular family day out in EdelSteinLand.

Come and celebrate with us in the Romantic Cities between the Rhine and the Moselle.

Rhine in Flammen in Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

The brightly coloured fireworks and light spectacular at Rhein in Flammen, Romantic Rhine

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Christmas markets

Christmas markets, Advent concerts and winter walks – there are plenty of christmassy events to enjoy in the cities between the Rhine and the Moselle.

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