Virtual Romantic Cities

Digital adventures in the Romantic Cities

Explore the Romantic Cities and the region around the Rhine and the Moselle from the comfort of your home and enjoy the enchanting cultural highlights, history and scenery, not to mention the hospitality of the people. Museums, exhibitions, castles and palaces, wine tastings and hiking trails are just some of the virtual experiences available.

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Romantic Cities in 360° panorama

All-round view

You can enjoy the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz or the Jewish Museum in Worms from the comfort of your own home. This gives you a perfect view of the attractions without hordes of people all around you!

A 360° tour of the Jewish cemetery in Worms

It is considered to be the oldest Jewish cemetery in Worms that has been preserved in situ. You can view it on a 360-degree virtual tour (only in German).

The Jewish Museum Worms in 360°

A 360-degree panorama tour gives you a first insight into the Jewish Museum in Worms.

The Mainz feeling in 360°

Experience Mainz in 360-degree mode: visit Schillerplatz, the Old Town or the banks of the Rhine in these digital city tours with all-round views. (The video is in German only)

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Virtual exhibitions and tours

Guided tours from your own home

We can take you on a virtual tour of the Romantic Cities and about 2,000 years of history. Stroll with us through the mystical Jewish cemetery in Worms, take a virtual tour of the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer or pay a digital visit to the workshops of EdelsteinLand. If, along the way, you fancy a bit of nature and some primeval landscapes, you can use the route planner or the ‘Rheinland-Pfalz Gold’ app to find inspiration and plan your next hiking or cycling tour!

Experience the excavations of Mainz Cathedral online

Experience at first hand how the excavations and work on Mainz Old Cathedral are progressing. Take a journey through the historical development of the Old Cathedral (only in German)

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Virtual tours of the Historical Museum of the Palatinate

The Historical Museum of the Palatinate Speyer offers online tours of current exhibitions and fun activities for children.

Virtual tour of the workshops in EdelSteinLand

Visit the jewellery studios and workshops in EdelSteinLand around Idar-Oberstein virtually. Get to know the work of gemstone cutters and goldsmiths from their own company.

App "Jewish Worms"

With the narration app "Jewish Worms" you can virtually immerse yourself in an exciting journey through time and discover, for example, the Jewish ritual bath (mikvah) and the Jewish cemetery.

Virtual experience with the Mainz App

Take a virtual tour of the city, meet historical personalities such as Gutenberg or take a seat in the 3D reconstructed Roman theatre via virtual reality with the Mainz App (only in German).

Rhineland-Palatinate App

Download the Rhineland-Palatinate App to your mobile device free of charge - that way you will always have all the tour tips of Rhineland-Palatinate with you.

Discover Rhineland-Palatinate by video

Immerse yourself in our holiday regions

Have you streamed enough films and box sets? Are you bored of Zoom calls with your friends? We want to harness your desire to spend your holidays in Germany and get you excited about visiting our cities and regions. Let our videos persuade you to make us your next holiday destination!

Video of Pfalzgrafenstein Castle

Experience Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in an exciting trailer and find out more about the history of the former customs castle in the middle of the Rhine (only in German).

Video of Stolzenfels Castle

Experience Stolzenfels Castle in the video and learn more about the idyllic place near Koblenz in the romantic Middle Rhine Valley (only in German).

Video about the Hildegard von Bingen pilgrimage route

Learn more about the Hildegard von Bingen pilgrimage route in this video. It is walked by the Wandercheckers of the regional television station SWR (only in German).

Webcam with view of the German corner Koblenz

The webcam on the Ehrenbreitsten fortress offers a panoramic view of the German corner of Koblenz and the Romantic Rhine from above.