Amphitheater (UNESCO World Heritage)

Trier, Stadt Trier · Mosel

Amphitheatres were part of the basic infrastructure of many Roman cities, and even more so in a metropolis like Trier. Animal hunts and gladiator games, executions, but also musical recitals and religious festivals were part of the programme of entertainment. There was no cinema yet, but even then, clever stage machinery made for exciting productions. Take in the sophisticated architecture of this site, which – in spite of the reuse of the stone in the Middle Ages – still impresses. You can walk up into the stands through the old passageways for spectators, or simply walk through the wide entrance directly into the arena and feel like a gladiator there. In ancient times you would have up to 20,000 spectators watching you! In the high parapet wall you can still see chambers and cages where both animals and humans waited to appear. Stairs lead you into the spacious basement.

A station on the Roads of the Romans.

Amphitheater (UNESCO World Heritage)

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