Annweiler am Trifels

Annweiler am Trifels · Pfalz

Romantic town between forest and wine

Annweiler am Trifels is a romantic town in the Palatinate Forest . Surrounded by green forests , idyllic river valleys and picturesque vineyards, it is an ideal starting point for excursions in the untouched nature.  Even more sports such as horseback riding , rock climbing , bowling and mini golf are very popular. Recreation promises the visitors the park in Annweiler, mini golf, tennis and children's playground. In the summer the public swimming pool is a popular attraction for young and old.

The historic old town with many half-timbered houses invites you to go along the old mill wheels beside the brook Queich and by the tanners' quarter. From May to October, every 1st and 3rd sunday a month a guided tour of the historic center will be offered . In this case , the known frescoes by Adolf Kessler in the council chamber of the city can be visited. The tour starts at 11 a.m. at the museum. For groups a guided tour is possible at any time. They must be reported to the Office of Tourism .

In the "Museum unterm Trifels" there is an exciting exhibition on the history of the castle Trifels , the development of the city Annweiler am Trifels , important historical figures such as Barbarossa , Richard the Lionheart and Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, whose life story is linked to Annweiler, and aspects of landscape development and - history.

On the highest of the three cone-shaped mountains above Annweiler towers the castle Trifels, once the center of the Hohenstaufen empire. The Trifels is part of the so-called castle Trinity, which consists of the Trifels as well as the ruins Anebos and Scharfenberg (called "Münz").

The town Annweiler am Trifels includes four more neighborhoods Bindersbach, Sarnstall, Queichhambach and Gräfenhausen. Once a year, each of the four incorporated villages celebrates its traditional fair, the "Kerwe", and, in addition, Gräfenhausen celebrates the Pinot Noir Festival on the third weekend of June.

Major events in Annweiler am Trifels are the medieval Richard Lionheart festival on the fourth weekend in July and the Keschdefeschd on the 1st weekend in October. During the summer months the Trifelsserenaden take place at the castle Trifels, a number of beautiful classical concerts in a special romantic ambiance. Annweiler also has rich cultural events offered, including lectures, concerts to historical lectures. Primarily, they take place in the newly restored Hohenstaufensaal, the citiy`s conference and cultural center including a modern digital 3D movie theater.

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