Loreleyblick Maria Ruh

Urbar · Romantischer Rhein

From the lookout point "Maria Ruh" in Urbar you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the legendary Lorelei rock on the opposite side, deep down to the narrowest part of the Rhine and further downstream to the Katz and Maus castles. The entire area of ​​the viewpoint was transformed into a landscape park in 2005, so that the visitor is now presented with an ensemble that blends harmoniously into nature and invites you to linger, indulge and dream.

On Maria Ruh a monument is dedicated to the fathers of the Lorelei song: Clemens Brentano, Heinrich Heine and Friedrich Silcher. In the 19th century, these three associated romantic yearning with a tangible place. In his ballad "Lore Lay" Clemens Brentano created a figure from world literature, Heinrich Heine's verses finalized the shape of the misfortune-bringing Undine and Friedrich Silcher found the sensitive and folk-like melody for this song.

Much has been speculated about the place's name, Maria Ruh. The name Maria Ruh probably derives from the calm side of the Rhine. The protective influence of St. Mary, the patron saint of boatmen, was (and is) extremely important, especially on this very dangerous Rhine kilometer, where the danger in the form of seductive Loreley lurked on the opposite rock. Therefore, the viewpoint is an expression of this exciting polarity between the two female figures which symbolize the menacing bank (Loreley) and the calm bank (Maria Ruh).

Loreleyblick Maria Ruh

Aussichtspunkt Maria Ruh
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