Barbara Baths (UNESCO World Heritage)

Trier, Stadt Trier · Mosel

At the time of its construction in the 2nd century, this was the second largest baths complex in the entire Roman Empire and offered wellness and relaxation at the highest level in an area of 42,000 square metres. Walk across the visitor walkway and see the reconstruction illustrations. The building was splendidly furnished with marble and works of art, and had several bathing pools, some of which were heated. Niches were decorated as sea caves. But Roman guests were interested in more than "just" bathing. Baths were social meeting places, places for beauty and cultural enjoyment. There was a cultural centre, libraries, restaurants, shops and a beauty salon. Superlative amusements. However, not for those who had to work hard to provide such luxury. Today you can still see the underground passages from which the heating system was operated.
The complex was in operation until the 5th century and then served as a quarry. It got its name from the former Trier suburb of "St Barbara", an old fishing and shipping village.

A station on the Roads of the Romans.

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Barbara Baths (UNESCO World Heritage)

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