Berwartstein Castle

Erlenbach bei Dahn · Pfalz

Berwartstein Castle is one of the most impressive and most visited castles in the Palatinate. The castle, first mentioned in 1152, is situated on an elevated sandstone rock and has a well system with a depth of 104 metres. Constant disputes, sieges, changes of ownership and fires have left their mark on the castle. For a long time, reconstruction attempts failed due to huge construction costs. Berwartstein largely owes its current appearance to the reconstruction works initiated by Theodor Hoffmann at the end of the 19th century. It is the only inhabited castle complex in the Palatinate and is open to visitors (guided tour). A viewing platform below the top of the main tower boasts a sweeping view spanning the entire southwestern Wasgau region up to the French Alsace region.

Opening hours:
The castle is open all year round, daily from March to October.
November to February: Saturday and Sunday (castle tour and restaurant)

Access trail: Felsenland Legend Trail ("Felsenland Sagenweg")

Family offer: daily castle tours & overnight accommodation in the castle

Berwartstein Castle

Burg Berwartstein
Burg Berwartstein
76891 Erlenbach

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