St Peter's Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Trier, Stadt Trier · Mosel

Trier Cathedral impresses with its globally unique mix of styles, which also makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Trier: for 1,700 years, from Roman times to the present, all generations have left their mark, both architecturally and artistically, on this the oldest episcopal church in Germany. And its most precious relic, the “Heiliger Rock” or “Holy Dress” – according to tradition the robe of Christ – makes it an important place of pilgrimage to this day. The authenticity and origin of the relic remains a mystery. St Helena, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, is said to have brought it back to Trier from a pilgrimage. There actually was a Christian community here at the end of the 3rd century, and a small private church in a house grew into what in the 4th century was the largest church complex of the time. The square, massive late antique structure in the centre of the cathedral is still preserved, and in the following centuries was extended and supplemented in the different styles of the time. Yet it always remained a church. Also take a look at the treasury in the cathedral.

A station on the Roads of the Romans.

St Peter's Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

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