Info Kulturel. Erbe "Queichwiesen - Bewässerung" am Teilungswehr

Ottersheim bei Landau · Pfalz

The Teilungswehr devides the water of Queich river into Queich and Spiegelbach. Weirs and canals help to lead the wate along the banks of the small rivers to flood the medows in spring just for a few days. That helps to increase the quality and quantity of the hay.

The agricultural technique is practiced for about 500 years and still valid. This makes the area between Landau and Germersheim to the biggest in Germany. In 2018 it was added to German list of UNESCO World Heritage.

A spectacular view: Along the muddy fields you can see often big groups of storcks hunting for insects and small animals.

Info Kulturel. Erbe "Queichwiesen - Bewässerung" am Teilungswehr

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