Historische Edelstein-Wasserschleiferei Biehl

Asbacherhütte · Naheland

The historic, water-powered gemstone-cutting workshop is already being run by the 4th generation. Visitors learn how the cutter used to cut agates and other gemstones while lying on a tilting chair. Guided tour lasts approx. 30 minutes. Prices: Adults €4.00, children over 6 years €2.50, children under 6 years free.

Historische Edelstein-Wasserschleiferei Biehl

Edelstein-Wasserschleiferei Biehl
bei der Harfenmühle
55758 Asbacherhütte

Web: www.alte-edelsteinschleiferei.de
Tel.: 06786-1505
Fax: 06786-950148

Guided tours available on request. Wednesday day off