Historische Weiherschleife

Idar-Oberstein · Naheland

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Since the 15th century, the gemstone deposits have been processed in so-called grinding mills. Once there were 56 such mills along the Idarbach, but over the years they were shut down one after the other.

The individual work steps, as they had to be carried out by the stream grinders at that time, are demonstrated to you on large sandstone grinders. At the mineral prospecting site, children and young people can "prospect" for minerals with the help of large sand sieves. The finds can then be worked on grinding wheels.

Furthermore, the children can cut a gemstone genode in half and thus discover the inner beauty of the stone. Of course, both the genode and the findings can be taken home.

You can also go pedal boating at the gemstone cutting mill.

Small dogs in arms are allowed. Leashed dogs are allowed

Historische Weiherschleife

Historische Weiherschleife
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