Museum at the cathedral

Trier, Stadt Trier · Mosel

UNESCO counts Trier Cathedral among the cultural treasures of mankind, and the museum right next door presents its architectural history, works of art from it and much more. Particularly remarkable are the Roman ceiling paintings that once adorned a residential palace, until it had to make way for the early Christian cathedral. A unique example of late antique art and a gigantic puzzle for the restorers! Perhaps the legend that St Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine, donated her palace for the massive church building is true after all? In addition, there is interesting evidence of the late antique and early Christian cult of the dead to be seen. The tombs of bishops from the cathedral and the Church of Our Lady, depictions of the crucifixion from the 12th to the 20th century, images of the Virgin Mary from all epochs, religious folk art and souvenirs from pilgrimages, as well as liturgical vestments and utensils are all part of the exhibition, as are numerous works of contemporary art.

A station on the Roads of the Romans.

Museum at the cathedral

Museum am Dom
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