Nationalpark Hunsrück-Hochwald

Birkenfeld · Naheland

The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park was established in 2015. It is classified as a developing national park, i.e. it is being left for nature to take over, step by step.

 The park is a hotspot for biological diversity and is characterised by its primeval forests and a species-rich flora and fauna. The large number of wildcats, which are becoming increasingly rare in Europe, is particularly remarkable. Impressive are also the rock landscapes and beautiful beech forests. The fortress of the Celtic ring forest Otzenhausen illustrates the history of the people from ancient times.

During the free guided ranger tours, young and old can experience nature in a special way. Whether on the tracks of the wild cats, on a mystical tour through the landscape (suitable for prams and barrier-free), on the 'peak tour' to the Erbeskopf, the highest mountain of Rhineland-Palatinate, or on a culture tour to the heritage of the Celts - the various guided tours offer something for everyone.

The new National Park Centre on the Erbeskopf provides an interesting insight into the protected area under the motto "Welcome to the primeval forest of tomorrow". Animations and exhibits take visitors on a journey into the fascinating world of the National Park with its wild forest, mysterious moors and impressive landscapes. On approx. 300 square meters a modern exhibition awaits visitors. Interactive exhibits and experiments invite you to touch, participate and experience.

Nationalpark Hunsrück-Hochwald

Nationalparkamt Hunsrück-Hochwald
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