Schlosspark Koblenz

Koblenz · Romantischer Rhein

The palace park connects Koblenz city centre with the Rhine through the open palace via the palace steps on the Rhine promenade. Since the BUGA 2011, the palace forecourt has been resplendent with spacious lawns, intensively tended rose and shrub beds, the Lange Tafel picnic area and the large water table. In addition, the "Empress Augusta's Jewellery Box" playground and the skaters' plaza are a hive of activity.The palace garden with its low gardens presents a modern interpretation of Prussian horticultural art. The striking fountain "Father Rhine and Mother Moselle" and the pergola walkways are framed by high-quality plantings. In the contemplative part of the palace garden, visitors will find a shady place to browse around the reading lounge. Today, the Electoral Palace is an exclusive venue for events and houses the palace restaurant. Outside the palace walls are the Empress Augusta Gardens. The palace garden interprets the reconstruction of Prussian horticultural art.

Schlosspark Koblenz

Schlosspark Koblenz
Kurfürstliches Schloss
56068 Koblenz

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