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The Sinsheim Museum of Technology built a second museum, as it had reached the limits of its capacity at its original location, close to the city centre, on the site of the former Palatinate Aircraft Works. In the Liller Halle, a listed industrial hall dating back to 1913, vintage cars, motorcycles, aircraft and historic fire engines are on display.
The huge outdoor area offers the option of displaying particularly large exhibits to visitors. Highlights include a submarine from the German Navy, an Antonov, the largest propeller-driven airplane built in series production to date, and a Lufthansa jumbo jet. Visitors to the space exhibition can also marvel at a Russian BURAN orbital glider, the counterpart to the American Space Shuttle, whose transport by sea from Bahrain to Rotterdam and from there on a pontoon up the Rhine to Speyer in the spring of 2008 was an absolute media sensation.

Speyer Museum of Technology

Technik Museum Speyer
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