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Hausgalerie Ursula Meister | Bad Marienberg

For Ursula Meister, who trained as a ceramist and screen printer, art means creating something new, without any specifications of material, background or colour. The free design of her paintings is more important to her than the fixed artistic impression. For illustration is at the same time the mediation of illusion. The artist does not want to commit herself to a particular direction. She intuitively chooses the themes of the pictures. Through the artistic collaboration with the art locksmith Günther Rixen, picture forms are created outside the norm, in which picture and frame become a total work of art.

You can reach us at:

Ferienhaus Meister
Karlstraße 3 a
56470 Bad Marienberg

Phone(0049) 2661 -1207


Stätte der Kunst (Foto: Ursula Meister, Quelle: Tourist-Info Bad Marienberg)
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