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Kirche Patersberg | Patersberg

When the church of Patersberg was built and who built it is completely unknown. It is said to have been a pilgrimage church in the earlier Middle Ages. It is certain that the church was originally dedicated to St. Pancras. The church was probably built in three construction periods. The tower is early Gothic, still betrays a Romanesque sense of space and may have been built in its present form around 1200. Three Romanesque columns at the upper steeple windows remain a mystery; they are certainly older. The rest of the church is Romanesque. The nave is estimated to be 12th century, while the choir may have been built as early as 1100 or 900. Perhaps the church once served defensive purposes. The tower still shows several embrasures. Also the nave used to have more small windows than today. The lower floor of the tower is covered by a cross vault.

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Kirche (Foto: Pixabay, Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)
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