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Nachttopfmuseum | Laudert

Over 500 exhibits admire the families in the chamber pot museum in Laudert. The chamber pot museum in Laudert is one of the craziest museums in Germany that parents and children can find. The exhibits come from the private collection of Brigitte Breuer. She has been collecting the exhibits for more than thirty years. Among them are pieces from grandmother's and great-grandmother's times and even older. More than 500 chamber pots in various variations are on the shelves of the chamber pot museum in Laudert and are admired in detail by parents and children. There are also washing sets and kitchen utensils from times long past in the chamber pot museum in Laudert. The children will especially enjoy the bears, large and small, which were created in the bear den in painstaking detail under the diligent hands of the owner. Families can also visit the chamber pot museum to see a spinning and weaving room that was once heavily used by the weavers and spinners. A visit to the chamber pot museum in Laudert can be arranged by telephone on +49 (0) 6746 8930 or +49(0)15125551040. Translated with (free version)

You can reach us at:

An den Birken 6
56291 Laudert

Phone(0049) 004967468930

Nachttopfmuseum (Foto: Brigitte Breuer, Quelle: TI Hunsrück-Mittelrhein)
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