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Nordic-Walking Sebastian-Kneipp-Tour | Bad Marienberg

Length: 11.6 km, exit point and route like route 1 to the crossing path after the small Wolfsstein. Here we go downhill over the junction and follow the new hiking trail M2. Once you reach the beech forest, turn left and follow the path K5. On this path we go uphill for about 20 m and turn right on the path with the sign '"Fernsehturm". Continue straight on until you reach the grass sports field. Here we follow the meadow path to Bad Marienberger Höhe, cross the hiking path L1/M6 and take the hiking path E5. We follow this to the left until we reach the starting point.

You can reach us at:

Nordic-Walking Route 2
56470 Bad Marienberg

Phone(0049) 2661 7031


Route 2 Sebastian-Kneipp-Tour (Foto: WTS, Quelle: Tourist-Info Bad Marienberg)
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