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Rentieralm Niederhausen | Niederhausen

What could be nicer after a walk with reindeers to round the day off with the most beautiful view into the the Nahe valley.

You can reach us at:

Kirchgasse 15
55585 Niederhausen


hours of operation

Visits to the Reindeer Alm and the reindeer tours are possible on request. The guided tours last between 2 and 3 hours and are individually coordinated with the participants or the group according to the season.


Rentieralm (Foto: Sonja Persch-Jost, Quelle: ) Rentierwanderung (Foto: Sonja Persch-Jost, Quelle: ) Rentiere (Foto: Sonja Persch-Jost, Quelle: ) Rentierfütterung (Foto: Sonja Persch-Jost, Quelle: ) Rentiersprung (Foto: Sonja-Persch-Jost, Quelle: )
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