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Weingut August & Thomas Perll | Boppard

The Boppard Hamm (hamus = hook), a long-drawn rock slope in south position forces the Rhine to an S-shaped loop. The steep vineyards there are spoiled by the sun and enjoy climatic advantages. The soil almost completely converts the sun's rays into heat. This is partly derived in the ground level air layer and the other part in the soil, which is then released at night from the ground again and so the nocturnal thermal climate in the vine is improved. The Rhine does the same and thus ensures optimum temperature compensation. Natural conditions garatieren a good quality of the wines, which represent a good basis for us. The 111 individual layers of the MITTELRHEIN growing area extend over 100 kilometers on both sides of the Rhine: on the left bank of the Rhine from the mouth of the Middle East to Koblenz, on the right side of the river they extend further north to the Siebengebirge. At the lower Middle Rhine you will find heavy loess soils around Leutesdorf. In contrast, the slate rocks at Boppard are often interspersed with pimple enclosures: There is mainly Riesling grown, but also the Pinot Noir flourishes there excelent.

You can reach us at:

Weingut August & Thomas Perll
Oberstr. 77-81
56154 Boppard

Phone(0049) 6742 3906


Weingut Perll (Quelle: Tourist-Information Boppard)
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