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Weingut Müller | Boppard

The winemaking tradition of the winery dates back 300 years to the past. Back then, as a traditional mixed farm, our family cultivated vines in the steep slopes and marketed the wine on the bottle. For three generations, however, we have focused entirely on viticulture, which we pursue with great joy and passion. The winery is managed today by Matthias and Marianne Müller, who took over the responsibility in the winery in the late 1990s. They continuously expanded the operation of 4 hectares with the best locations to the present size of 17 hectares. Nothing would be all this without the whole family pulling together. The parents Heinrich and Hilde Müller set early on the quality wine growing and are still energetically on the side. Our youngest generation with Johannes and Christoph is currently studying, but in their free time, they play an active role in business activities. We do not confuse down-to-earthness, tradition and continuity with obsolete, backward or outdated: we combine these values ​​with progress, development and future. With great respect and awe, we preserve the centuries-old awareness of nature and the cultural landscape of the Middle Rhine.

You can reach us at:

Weingut Matthias Müller GbR
56322 Spay

Phone(0049) 2628 8741


Weingut 3 (Quelle: Tourist-Information Boppard)
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