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Weingut Toni Lorenz | Boppard

The family business Lorenz cultivates about 4 hectares of vineyard area mostly by hand. The use of machines has been facilitated since the land consolidation in the vineyard Boppard Hamm, but due to the sometimes extremely steep slopes but extremely limited and often problematic. With love and care the grape varieties Riesling, Pinot Noir, Rivaner and Pinot Gris are cultivated.

The good sound in the over 400-year-old cross-vaulted cellar (built in the 16th century) is attributed to Joachim Lorenz. The trained viticulture technician relies on state-of-the-art cellar technology such as stainless steel tanks, fermentation cooling and gentle pressing processes. But also classic methods, such as the expansion of wine in old wooden barrels, are still on the menu.

The final products are racy, fresh and meaningful Rieslings of all quality levels. From strong quality wine to filigree Cabinet wines, fruity late harvest and sometimes reminiscent of exotic fruits bulging Aus- and Beerenauslese - all wines carry clearly the signature of the "cellar master" Joachim Lorenz.Schneider and family

You can reach us at:

Weingut Toni Lorenz
Ablaßgasse 4
56154 Boppard

Phone(0049) 6742 3511

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