01. Etappe Hildegard von Bingen Pilgerwanderweg: Idar-Oberstein - Herrstein

The 1st stage of the Hildegard von Bingen pilgrimage trail is very demanding. For around 19 kilometres, the trail follows narrow paths, past rocks, through woodland and includes a section that leads steeply down stairs. We therefore recommend splitting up the first stage and spending the night in Fischbach halfway through.  Please read the descriptions of stages 01a and 01b.

Idar-Oberstein is internationally considered a gemstone city. Various museums there invite you to explore the gemstones that have been mined and processed here for centuries. The first information board on the Hildegardweg is dedicated to Hildegard's lithology (Board 2: Stones, German Mineral Museum). However, the visionary and naturopathic abbess did not write about stones per se, but about the healing effect of stones on people.Hildegard von Bingen pilgrimage trailIn her fourth book of her Physica she describes the effect of 26 (precious) stones. After the legendary Felsenkirche and the spectacular rock formations at the beginning, the nature-oriented path offers beautiful quiet brook valleys, old forests and, when crossing the mountain ranges, magnificent views. Hildegard von Bingen, abbess, poet, theologian, naturalist and healer, lived all her life in the Nahe holiday region.

The 137 kilometre long Hildegard von Bingen Pilgrim's Trail leads past various stages in the life of one of the most famous figures of the Middle Ages. The trail starts in Idar-Oberstein and continues via Niederhosenbach, the family seat and possible birthplace of Hildegard von Bingen, to Bad Sobernheim. Not far from here is the Disibodenberg monastery ruin, where Hildegard spent almost 40 significant years of her life. The pilgrims' trail finally ends in Bingen am Rhein. Here, the Rupertsberg vaulted cellar still bears witness to Hildegard von Bingen's last place of work: in 1150, the saint founded the Rupertsberg monastery, which was the place of her work for 29 years. The last stops on this ecumenical pilgrimage trail are the Hildegard shrine in the pilgrimage church of St. Hildegard Rüdesheim-Ebingen and the abbey of St. Hildegard Ebingen.

The pilgrimage trail is divided into 10 stages. The stages range from 5 to 21 kilometres. 59 information and meditation panels along the entire route provide information about the person of Hildegard, her work and life in the Middle Ages. Hikers approach the spiritual side of Hildegard von Bingen through meditation panels which follow Hildegard von Bingen's visionary pictures from her main work "Scivias - Know the Ways" and give impulses for meditation. The boards are written in both German and English.The pilgrim's pass can be stamped at the accommodation facilities, other route stations and finally at St. Hildegard Abbey in Eibingen.


Short vita of St. Hildegard of Bingen

1098: Birth of Hildegard von Bingen, probably in Niederhosenbach near Herrstein

1112: Admission to the Disibodenberg monastery near Bad Sobernheim, together with Jutta von Sponheim

1136: Hildegard von Bingen becomes the second magistra in the Disibodenberg monastery after the death of Jutta von Sponheim around

1150: foundation of a convent in Bingen on the Rhinefrom

1150: Hildegard writes her visionary medical & musical works. She travels along the Rhine, Moselle, Main and Neckar rivers and preaches in public places.

1165: Foundation of a second convent in Eibingen, today's pilgrimage church of St. Hildegard Rüdesheim-Eibingen

17 September 1179: Hildegard von Bingen dies in Bingen on the Rhine  

10 May 2012: Canonisation of Hildegard von Bingen by Pope Benedict XVI   

7 October 2012: Survey of church teachers


01. Etappe Hildegard von Bingen Pilgerwanderweg: Idar-Oberstein - Herrstein
6:07 h
18,9 km
851 m
798 m

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