Dahner Rundwanderweg

On the nearly 18.6 kilometers of the Dahner Rundwanderwegs reveals the diversity of the Felsenland. Over the rock massif Hochstein leads the way to the largest castle complex of the Palatinate, the castle massif Alt-Dahn-Grafendahn-Tanstein.Hier should allow time for a comprehensive visit. Comfortable forest paths lead over the Roman rock, with its great 360 ° view, to the famous rock massif Jungfernsprung above the town of Dahn. The story continues on the other side of the valley, past the rocks of Satan's lump and witch's mushroom to the imposing castle ruins of Neudahn. After a short descent into the nature reserve Moosbachtal, a stop at the Dahner Hütte of the Palatine Forest Association is a great opportunity. Two impressive rock massifs are passed before the path ends in the spa park, at the starting point of the round trip. This is a new premium route, which was certified in autumn 2015 by the German Hiking Institute. The Dahner Rundwanderweg is one of the Felsenland tours in the Dahner Felsenland, the premium hiking region. Our total of twelve premium trails are listed both in the Pfalz hiking menu, as well as the hiking arena Palatinate Forest Northern Vosges. Furthermore, the Dahner Felsenland is a member of the Premium Wanderwelten.

UFFBASSE! - Campaign for considerate coexistence in nature

Always act with foresight, kindness and consideration towards everyone you meet along the way.

Respect nature, don't destroy plants and always stay on the paths.

Remember to bring a rubbish bag for the trail and take rubbish home with you.

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times. Other visitors and animals will thank you.

For your own safety, observe all trail closures. Also at weekends.

Park only in designated parking areas. Leave space for escape routes and agricultural machinery.

Please give priority to agricultural and forestry traffic.



Dahner Rundwanderweg
7:30 h
18,7 km
662 m
662 m

source Dahner Felsenland · author: Jacques Noll

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