Mosel Music Festival: Stefan Temmingh and Wiebke Weidanz


Klausen · Mosel

Music is the epitome of the transient. No sooner is the sound produced than it fades away. All holding on is in vain. The fading away constantly shows that an interpretation, a sound, a chord are only of short duration. The programme "Sounds & Silence" plays with this very idea of music against the background of silence. Silence as an aspect of music. Listening to a sound, a melody is thus perhaps also a form of searching for a lost time. When two performers as masterful as Stefan Temmingh and Wiebke Weidanz take up this theme, one can look forward to a concert evening that is as stimulating as it is exciting. Famous composers such as Bach, Purcell or Telemann stand alongside Puglietto or Blavet, and works by composer Markus Zahnhausen, who grew up in Trier, also promise the most versatile aspects of "Sounds & Silence". Sounds & Silence Stefan Temmingh, recorders Wiebke Weidanz, harpsichord


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