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Diez · Lahntal

Gogol's comedy about the indolent court counsellor Podkoljossin with his pronounced fear of marriage is bursting with linguistic, character and situational comedy. Podkolyossin's go-getting friend, the matchmaker, the bride and her rejected suitors cause a whirlwind of absurd events.

In this comedy, Gogol shows in a satirical-ironic way a reflection of social conditions in feudal Russia of the 19th century. The matchmaker and her rival try to steal the lucrative business from each other. No moral concepts are of interest, only money.

Gogol's stage characters are typical representatives of the absolutist tsarist empire: corrupt officials, haughty aristocrats, more or less clever swindlers, vain and naive wenches. But Gogol's compelling comic talent always triumphs over bitterness, and the social criticism of his works is softened by his conciliatory laughter.

(From: Die ZeitOnline/Adam Soboczynski)

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