Weihnachtsmarkt Dudeldorf


Dudeldorf · Eifel

On the 1st weekend of Advent, the tranquil Dudeldorf turns into a pre-Christmas dream of a special kind.

On 26 and 27.11.2022 Dudeldorf opens the old city gates and lets the visitors of the 34th Christmas market , with the charm of a medieval setting , feel the magic of the pre-Christmas season. In the restored castle, the squares and courtyards, the garages, cellars and barns of the residents, guests will find small treasures, rarities and delicacies on lovingly designed booths with over 120 exhibitors.

On both days St. Nicholas and his helper Knecht Ruprecht distribute the popular Dudeldorfer Weckmänner to the children. The glow of lights in the narrow streets, the smell of Christmas baking, hot punch, mulled wine and fire tongs punch put visitors in a contemplative Christmas mood.

The concerts in the atmospherically illuminated parish church promise a special listening pleasure. In Dudeldorf they experience an unforgettable 1st Advent.

The Christmas market opens its doors on Saturday, 26.11. from 12.00 clock to 20.00 clock and Sunday, 27.11.2022 from 11.00 clock to 19.00 clock.

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