False Tones in Musicalia


Buseck · Lahntal

False Tones in Musikalien

A fairy tale from the pen of Susanne Schweig with guest voices from Tobi Kämmerer (HR3), Alice Hoffmann (Heinz Becker family), Didi Beck (Boppin B) and others.

We, the paper theater "Kleine Auszeit" offer theatrical performances in Großen Buseck with the paper theater, which since 2021 is part of the immaterial Unesco cultural heritage.

The fairytale is about a country where there are only beautiful melodies. In the neighborhood, however, lives an evil queen who gets on the nerves of this "tootling", so she has the beautiful sounds "frozen". A hero alone can't do anything about it, so in the end a small community, with the help of the audience, will defeat this "spell" and find its own personal touch, so that in the end everything sounds beautiful again and even a little better and more varied. The play is underpinned by an elaborately self-produced radio play (including the voices of Tobi Kämmerer - HR 3 and Tobi's Städtetrip, Didi Beck - Boppin B, Alice Hoffmann - Heinz Becker family) and voices of ourselves and other friends. We divide the fairy tale into five scenes with four different stage sets.

Duration about 35 minutes.

The theater, the scenery and the "actors" are mainly made of paper, which is reinforced with other materials (wood, architect cardboard). We partly use reproductions of about 200 years old figure and scenery sheets, but we also create our own figures and scenery. The backdrops are arranged in several levels and thus achieve a deep spatial effect. Modern lighting is used to support the 3-D effect and the performing play.

The fairy tale is suitable for people from 4 years old.

After the performance there is a possibility to look behind the scenes and ask questions about the paper theater.


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