Do you know Blueland?


Buseck · Lahntal

In Blue Land, everything is blue. Not only the meadows, flowers and leaves, even the inhabitants, called Fizzlipuzzlis are blue. When the color king wants to give the Fizzlipuzzlis a treat and rolls them the color red across the country border, chaos takes its course. "Being different" and diversity are as foreign to the Fizzlipuzzlis as the new color, and another one that comes along. This leads to astonishment as well as fear, envy, rejection and uncertainty. But as everyone approaches each other and seeks dialogue, new colors emerge as if by magic and lead to the realization: a colorful, diverse togetherness is beautiful, and everyone is allowed to shine in their very own color.

The theater, the scenery and the "actors" are mainly made of paper, which is reinforced with other materials (wood, architect cardboard). The backdrops are arranged in several levels and thus achieve a deep spatial effect. Modern lighting is used to support the 3-D effect and the performing play.

The fairy tale is suitable for people from 4 years old.

After the performance there is a possibility to look behind the scenes and ask questions about the paper theater.

The paper theater "Kleine Auszeit" offers theatrical performances in Großen Buseck with the since 2021 to the intangible Unesco cultural heritage counted paper theater.


Papiertheater "Kleine Auszeit"
Bismarckstr. 33
35418 Buseck

Tel.: +49 176 62280639


Spielstätte des Papiertheater „Kleine Auszeit“
Bismarckstraße 43
35418 Großen-Buseck

Tel.: +49 176 62280639