Treverer Code


Trier, Stadt Trier · Mosel

A bright glow and technical noise and suddenly you are standing in the middle of the Imperial Baths. But wait - something is not right here: water is splashing, people are washing themselves at the baths in front of you and colourfully decorated walls rise up into the air. The "Treverer Code" city tour takes you back to ancient Trier as you look through the VR glasses.

Right away you go on an exciting two-hour journey into the past with "Treverer Code". For the tour, you will be given VR glasses through which you will immerse yourself in life in ancient Augusta Treverorum at five different sites. There is a lot to see: from the beginnings of the city, to the construction of monumental buildings, to an audience with a real emperor. Surprises are virtually inevitable. Directly on site, you will see the changes the city has undergone since 56 BC. A tour guide skilfully navigates your time ride and supplies you with all kinds of additional knowledge and anecdotes.

Can you decipher the "Treverer Code"?


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