Nose, the Dwarf


Buseck · Lahntal

With guest voices by Henni Nachtsheim, Meta Hiltebrand, Hans-Joachmin Heist and others.

Dwarf Nose is one of the best known and most popular fairy tales by Wilhelm Hauff. It tells the story of the handsome boy Jakob, who is held captive as a servant by the fairy Kräuterweis for seven years and returns as an ugly dwarf, so that not even his own mother recognizes him. But the cooking skills he learned in the fairy's house and his friendship with an enchanted goose help him at the end of the story to free himself and also goose Mimi from the evil spell. We play the fairy tale in a timeless version for young and old. Translated with (free version)

After the performance there will be an opportunity to look behind the scenes and ask questions about the paper theater.

The paper theater "Kleine Auszeit" offers theatrical performances in Großen Buseck with the paper theater, which has been listed as an intangible Unesco cultural heritage site since 2021.


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