Linzer Neujahrskonzert 2024


Linz am Rhein · Romantischer Rhein

On 1 January 2024 at 6 pm, Linz am Rhein will once again welcome the new year together with a special orchestra.

The Philharmonia Frankfurt orchestra, founded in 2019, is probably one of the youngest orchestras in Germany, but it is certainly one of the most surprising, interesting and ambitious formations at the moment. The Philharmonia Frankfurt is one of those musical discoveries whose exceptional character you immediately notice and, above all, hear. The orchestra's palpable dedication, great passion and inspiring intensity captivate the listener from the very first notes. The orchestra, which was founded by graduates of the venerable Frankfurt Musikhochschule, is currently one of the most exciting professional ensembles in Germany: an international, top-class ensemble with a broad repertoire that knows how to inspire its audience.

The orchestra's élan and energy is explained, among other things, by its international line-up, which also reflects Frankfurt's multicultural society: the ensemble members come from a wide variety of European countries, South America, Asia, Australia as well as Israel and Turkey - an intercultural group of artists whose greatest common denominator is the language of music. Thus the warm sound of the legendary Eastern European string school meets the precision and virtuosity of Western European wind tradition and develops an unmistakable sound.

The orchestra's broad repertoire, ranging from baroque to modern, from chamber music to great symphonies, has helped it to become a highly sought-after ensemble. In addition, the orchestra also crosses genre boundaries in its work and ventures exciting experiments beyond classical music: various crossover projects with rock and jazz musicians as well as with electronic music are on the orchestra's agenda.

As international as the artists of the ensemble are, so global are the performances of the Philharmonia Frankfurt: for the coming seasons, tours are planned throughout Europe and beyond, including engagements in South Korea, Israel, South America, Dubai and Turkey.

The renowned Frankfurt conductor Juri Gilbo has been engaged as the orchestra's principal conductor, who is also responsible for the artistic direction of the ensemble.

Be there, celebrate the start of the new year 2024 with us!

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