Are there wildcats in Nassau Nature Park? Yes, of course!


Diez · Lahntal

A short nature tour on the "European wildcat"

Where does the wildcat live in our homeland? What does it do all day? What does it eat?

On this hike, we will get to the bottom of this silent predator and learn interesting facts about its origins, behaviour and the differences to our domestic cat.

With fun and games for the young and the young at heart.

The walk also takes place in light rain, so please bring sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the weather.

Leader: Rita Landau, certified nature and hiking guide and wildcat ambassador.

Meeting point: Café im Hain car park, Hainstr. 25

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Cost: The tour is free of charge, a donation is requested.

Registration: or 01 57 - 302 217 02



Parkplatz Café im Hain
Hainstraße 25
65582 Diez