776. Moosemannfest


Alken · Mosel

7756h Moosemann Festival

 In commemoration of the siege and conquest of Thurant Castle by the Archbishops of Cologne and Trier in the years 1247 to 1248, the so-called "Moosemann Festival" takes place in Alken every year on the third Sunday of Lent. The festival sequence is as simple as it is ingenious.

from 11:00 o'clock the Frühschoppen begins. The cake sale starts and for refreshment there is hot food from the snack bar. approx.

14:00 o'clock welcoming of the guests by the mayor as well as greetings of the 1. chairman and the wine majesties approx.

14:30 o'clock a knight on horseback tells the legend of the Moosemann. Afterwards the Moosemann parade begins with fanfare music and "real" knights. All children receive a vineyard stake before the procession, which can be exchanged for the coveted Moosemann pretzel after the procession.

All day, Thurant Castle, the old St. Michael's Church and Fallerport can be visited free of charge. With a lot of luck, even an exhibition fight of the knights of the "Legatio ex Colonia Agrippinensis" can be marveled at.

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